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Effectively we want to know how we can optimise approaches that are already using scarce resources in terms of money and personnel especially in local government and housing associations, where many energy officers have this as only part of their roles. With incomplete understanding of how to get the internal environment they would like, it is hardly surprising that they resort to simply turning things on and off as required, or opening the window if it gets too hot. The aims and Sydney property valuer development of the survey are explained more fully in the next chapter and we recommend that a full evaluation is carried out in the next phase, not only to temper the findings from this stage, but also so that we, and any other organisations who plan a similar exercise, can learn and improve both the methodology and the results.

This means we can indicate opportunities to housing associations, whilst not saying,this is the best way to do it. The dissemination of this work will form phase 3 of the project, which will, we hope, follow immediately from this. This would give us ample scope for reliable and valid sub-groups and detailed analysis. If so, they were asked to complete a form allowing us to capture basic information on the case study such as number of properties, types of work done, and also checking the extent of input from the association in terms of setting up and carrying out the interviews.

After discussion, it was decided that any such bias was unlikely to have an effect on the overall results. This aspect of the survey will be evaluated further in phase 3. The last two were delayed; one for logistical reasons and the other due to other priorities including a phase of stock transfer. The interviews took place from early January to late February, with one housing association continuing into early March to make the most of the opportunity for evaluation of its programme.

A number of different approaches were made for setting up the interviews, with some being promoted by the housing association directly by telephone, for others the association sent a letter asking for response. Others sent letters asking them to respond if they did not want to take part, and then following everyone else up by phone. The number was consistent with expectations. whether through other events such as family illness, or just forgetting.

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These would be 1100 metres long a considerable increase on the current 800 metre maximum length for Freightliner trains from the Southampton area. Thus the Dibden Bay trains present the immediate challenge of extreme length as well as weight plus an identified need to carry 9’6” high containers. In detail, the SRA (in their Ten Year Plan) and Railtrack have previously identified the core route for these trains as being via Southampton Central. The latter has, it is understood, been superseded by an alternative to Reading and Acton to Willesden.

The potential operator (Freightliners Ltd) is adamant that the trains will use the above route via Oxford as it offers the lowest potential operating costs and best resource utilisation for them. This route is also consistent with SRA strategy for the development of high loading gauge core freight routes and the evolution of the Thames Valley Cherwell Valley route as a ‘3 freight trains per hour freight route from the south to the Midlands and North. The potential to route these trains via the Southampton Bath route in its entirety is very heavily constrained by a number of features on the route but even more so by those beyond it. In essence these trains could use the route, or parts of it, in several different ways.

The most radical would be to use the route throughout and this must be regarded as extremely difficult without massive investment. The reasons for this are that, Capable website designers apart from constraints south of Bath (below) the trains then have to pass through the Bristol area going either via Bristol Parkway thence. Cheltenham and the Barnt Green route to Birmingham or taking the Severn Tunnel and then the North & West Line from Newport to Shrewsbury. In either case the train will have to be regulated (in Loop lines) through the Bristol area across the path of lines used by frequent passenger train services.

There are no loop lines capable of accommodating trains this long anywhere between Bath and Bristol and no room to build such loops without land purchase and major civil engineering works. It would be possible to build loops, or additional running lines, on the gradient out of Bristol towards the South Wales Main Line. (also used to access the Barnt Green route) and it would then be possible to use an existing long loop just east of the Severn Tunnel on the route heading west and then north.